[Eng-Ver] PRESS RELEASE : Sustainable Energy and Food Processing “Biorefinery, the bridge between Agriculture and Chemistry” with Prof. Johan Sanders

To make a good plant, we should start it with people, planet, and profit. It means it should be good for the environment, subsidies, and the profit. Without it, we may face some problem in the future. But the best thing to prevent the problem is to make a good plant from the beginning which has people, planet, and profit at the same time.

We now live in a very challenging time, we could say it is very difficult but we have very large opportunity. In the past 50 years, there were a lot of countries who developed their technologies. And now there are so many new opportunities. So we should stop and think how can we get those new opportunities, and what they’ve done from the past, then what can we do to make more money and less of waste production.

There are some level of energy sources, the lowest level is fire which less valuable, and there are two higher levels which will make higher values. So ask the question, how we can get a better value with this level? If we can’t get the answer, maybe somebody else can answer. But if there is nothing better than what you have now, just be thankful for it.

Prof. Johan Sanders, started his study as a molecular biologist in The University of Amsterdam. Then he continued to work in the Sugar Industry to contribute his knowledge to the world. He had an idea to reduce the molasses waste with make the production in a small scale and placed near with the field so we can easily recylce the waste, then continue the production to a bigger plant so we don’t have to take the waste with us and consume a lower cost. Solving the problem is good, but prevent the problem is so much better.

Sometimes you can prevent and improve. And when you do something, don’t be happy if the product has similar quality with the original product, instead we should try to make a better product.

Sources: Interview by Kinetika’s Crew


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